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Great part-time jobs for teachers, freelance coding engineers, college students and those interested in educational technology.



IT Computer Wiz Kids, Inc. (Wiz Kids) is a 501 (3) youth empowerment non-profit intended to prepare students to work in the computer technology field by developing skills that build their self-confidence and self-sufficiency, thereby improving their ability to become productive citizens. Wiz Kids combines its community outreach efforts  with those of existing organizations including other non-profits, government agencies, and private companies to reach at-risk, primarily minority youth.



We are currently seeking qualified and enthusiastic candidates to fill the following part-time positions available:

1. Instructor, Coding/Programming Language:  We are hiring part-time lead and assistant instructors to teach coding, programming, and technology for our afterschool programs. Instructors will teach up to 15-20 students in grades K-12 on weekdays between the hours of 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. and introduce them to coding and the fundamentals of computer science. Together, lead and assistant instructors will plan and teach classes using coding, programming and storytelling techniques and also guide students in learning to manage and complete a capstone and other technical projects. Instructors will teach students the fundamentals of programming through languages including Scratch, HTML, CSS & JavaScript while using classroom teaching and management skills that demonstrate compassion as well as the discipline and respect required to effectively teach children and adolescents.


2.  Instructor, Hardware/Software A+ and Gamer:  Can you teach middle- & high-school students and adults? If so, we’re looking for YOU! You should be knowledgeable regarding  Identifying and explain in detail each component of the computer and be able to demonstrate how to assemble and disassemble computers.   Be able to customize or upgrade a standard PC to become an ultimate gaming PC.  Know how to upgrade hard drives, video graphics cards, motherboards, RAM and power supply cords, etc.   Understand LAN/WAN Connections and how to network PCs, laptops and lead gaming online group networking games.  Having knowledge about programming and or video game design is a big plus.  Also, understand and have the ability to apply the fundamental components of the various programming languages in the curriculum. 


3. Instructor, Network Engineering & Cyber Security: The instructor will teach students the basics of computer networks and prepare them to understand the principles of network security. Students will learn the fundamentals of computer networking via an introduction to ethical hacking as they learn to defend government and private industry networks. Also, instructors will offer students an in-depth look at networking topologies and how to build networks to understand private cloud technology. In addition, instructors will teach students how to protect networks utilizing cyber security tools.


4. Digital Arts and Video Design Instructor: The instructor will combine music with computer art, web design, graphic arts design, photography and videography, all infused with technology tools and video equipment. This class will introduce students to the relationship between music and current editing software combined with photography, video filming techniques and performing arts training for on-camera staging, producing and directing. Students will be introduced to the technical aspects of an event, film and music production and careers in the media, communications, and entertainment industry. The footage produced by the students during the program will be presented as a video summing up the program.

Found your dream job? Great, here is more information about our class locations, date, expectations, compensation, and general job requirements:

Class locations: Class sites for Wiz Kids’ Afterschool programs will include community organizations, churches, as well as public and charter schools.


General requirements:

  • At least one-two years of experience teaching children in grades K-12

  • Ability to work in racially and economically diverse communities

  • Applicants must complete two preliminary 90-minute volunteer training sessions

  • You must be able to pass a background check.

  • You must enjoy working with youth and have a belief in students’ potential and possess the confidence in your ability to have a positive impact on their lives

  • Technical training and classroom teaching experience is preferred 

  • Communication, teamwork and professional skills

  • Experience using both Apple Mac and Windows 7/8/10 operating systems

  • Experience using the Microsoft Office suite (2010-2013)

  • Technical training and classroom teaching experience is strongly preferred.


Lead Instructor: Works with Executive Director and program director to update curriculum, on-line documentation, lesson plans and instructional activities for use in Wiz Kids courses. 

  • Collaborate to prepare materials and equipment to teach coding, digital media and other aspects of technology.

  • Ensure a safe and healthy environment for a group of 15-20 elementary, middle or high school-aged students at all times

  • Adapt your teaching strategies to engage youth with a variety of learning difficulties or styles and capabilities and as well as the many minority demographics

  • Work with Executive Director to update and maintain post and pre tests for data-tracking to ensure data collection for the success and funding of the program.

  • Meet online or in person for weekly staff meetings

Assistant Teacher: Will support the lead teacher in classroom management, social development, and the implementation of Wiz Kids curriculum.  Inject fun and energy into lessons to teach the fundamentals of coding and programming using Wiz Kids’ curriculum.  Document and photograph work being done in the program via social media and blog posts

  • Administer and ensure that post and pre and data-tracking tests at the beginning and end of every course

  • Learn all curricula and be backup for Lead instructor to teach during emergency

  • Meet online or in person for weekly staff meetings


Compensation: Ranges from $25-50/hour and will be discussed only with serious and highly qualified candidates. Final rates will be decided based on experience.


If you are applying for any of the above positions just for the money, this is not for you. As an instructor, you will work to build students’ confidence and advise them on how to make informed choices (personal, professional, and educational) to help them attain their career goals. 


IT instructors will report directly to the CEO of Wiz Kids and will be required to participate in on-site meetings and other activities that enable our organization to operate and continue to grow. Please send your resume along with a brief description of your background and indicate the position(s) you are applying for to Mr. Gerard Cooper at



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