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Hands-on Computer Training Classes and Career Preparation

IT Computer Wiz Kids is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focusing on STEAM-ME (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, money management and etiquette) a program that instructs children, youth, adults and prepares them for careers in information technology.  Our youth work with seniors to build an intergenerational bridge to our Techno Savvy Seniors program. This bridge is necessary to navigate the digital divide. Seniors will gain basic and up to date technology skills to have an active technical life.


If you are a parent, IT professional or are interested in encouraging young people to learn about computer and information technology, we invite you to join our team. You can help in many ways including donating money, joining our team of amazing volunteers and ambassadors, or by applying
for our job openings to help guide young people along their career paths. We will acknowledge your support on our website, via social media, and in our seasonal newsletters.​

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Our Vision

About us


Our Mission

The Mission of IT Computer Wiz Kids is to give underprivileged youths and seniors the opportunity to pursue interests and careers in IT(Information Technology) in a fun and exciting learning environment where we believe interactive and hands-on activities are key to fostering future careers and preparation for life. 



Computer Building, Gaming and Problem Troubleshooting

Building lives by building computers

Network Engineering & Cyber Security

Protecting the network of our lives






Coding/Language Programming, App Development

Changing lives one code at a time




Tech Art, Graphic Design, Multimedia & Beats

Using art to drive creativity



IT Computer Wiz Kids, Inc. (WizKids) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focusing on STEAM-ME (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, money management and etiquette). WizKids was formed for the advancement of youth and young adults in information technology (IT) and computer learning. It has successfully combined its community outreach efforts with those of existing organizations including non-profits, government agencies and private companies since its inception in January 2009.  New to Southern California, WizKids will leverage its incredible success in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland by continuing its focus on serving underprivileged and at-risk youth in socio-economically diverse populations.

Activities are conducted around the school-year calendar with classes held during class, after school and on weekends. Students who demonstrate sufficient interest and proficiency are mentored and trained as peer mentors who teach parts of the course curriculum.  Wiz Kids continues to attract adult IT professionals who demonstrate a passion to guide youth and young adults for careers in information technology.  Through strong mentorship, participants not only acquire technical expertise but social and life skills that enable them to navigate some of the challenges that they may encounter.  

One program highlight is that students  learn the various facets of Electronic Etiquette: How to develop and use proper modes of communication, how to explore online safely, the fundamentals of internet ethics, and how to develop safe, healthy, and respectful relationships online.  As a result, students will learn the proper use of social media networks that enhance academic and workplace interactions.


After School Program

We offer two types of classes  a two hour “Computer Petting Zoo” to introduce our program.  An eight week program and a sixteen week program after school for one and a half hour to two hours is an introduction to computer building coding. The 20 week or half year program includes the introduction to computer building, as well as our Wiz Kids Help Desk Initiative--A+ Certification Career Preparation in installing and configuring operating systems. The program follows our "You Build It You Keep It" motto--each student gets to take home a Dell computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse that they have built and configured that they build during the program.









Our Story


In January 2009, Gerard Cooper, Founder and CEO created IT Computer Wiz Kids, Inc. to specialize in training children and young adults in IT, computer troubleshooting and repair techniques coding and programming. The program’s activities are developed by Mr. Cooper, who has maintained a successful career in the IT field spanning over 20 years. This venture began as his response to help his teenage sons focus their intellects and energy in a positive manner. His sons, who were in danger of failing school, expressed great interest in learning about computers. As a result, Mr. Cooper decided to provide his sons with a comprehensive, hands-on education in computer repair and troubleshooting as a gateway to learning about technology.  By working with his sons, Mr. Cooper discovered a passion for teaching young people, and eventually decided to start a computer and technology program to assist other youth.

Both young men are now working and advancing in the field of Information Technology. His youngest son is an Apple multimedia, PC network desktop support specialist at Georgetown University and his oldest son obtained his CompTIA Network+ and Security+ Certifications and is currently a network engineer at a startup tech firm. In addition, his oldest daughter is utilizing her technical skills in the restaurant and  food industry. By working with his children Mr. Cooper discovered a passion for teaching young people and eventually decided to start a 501(c)3 non-profit computer and technology program to assist other youths deemed to be at-risk.








Techno Savvy Seniors (TSS) Computer Connection


Wiz Kids also provides a Techno Savvy Seniors program which teaches basic and up to date technology skills to seniors. This program has been shown to impact activities of daily living for 100% of the participants. Wiz Kids has proven success in integrating this program with State Initiatives and privately held and commercially owned Senior Centers and Assisted Living communities. Our Techno Savvy Seniors program bridges the digital divide for seniors to have basic and up to date technology skills to have a more active social life.

In 2018,  Joseph Cooper joined Wiz Kids and brought his extensive IT background and knowledge to the Company as Vice President. In this capacity he will focus on expanding the Techno Savvy Seniors Program to the Southern California region.  

Honors and Awards
Digital Inclusion Achievement Award

Help Desk Initiative Grant from the Diverse City Fund 

Help Desk Initiative Grant from Washington Gas (WGL)

Partnership with more than 10 schools and organizations in DC and Maryland


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